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The Haas & Czjzek porcelain and crystal department-store serves its customers at an unchanged place since its foundation in 1879, at 23 Bajcsy-Zsilinszky út, in the heart of Budapest. The trade mark is the result of the merger of the Czech Johann Czjzek's and the Belgian Georg Haas’ family names, which took place in the year of the Compromise in 1867. It was then that they have taken over the management of the porcelain factory in Slavkov (now in the Czech Republic), which was a part of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy at the time. The Haas & Czjzek (ha:s & tsizek) brand name is registered in the business of porcelain ever since. As time goes by it has not only proven a reason for existence but also has met the recognition of those who show a great passion towards porcelain.

In our days 2 further stores of Haas & Czjzek, located in different corners of Budapest (Campona, and Mammut II. shopping malls) will be honoured to be at your disposal.

We kindly ask you to visit us if you need any porcelain, cutleries, kitchen accessories, crystal- , glass or giftware.

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